Indians Arrested on Charged of Labor Trafficking!

Immigration officials in Kettering (which is located in the south-east of England) have arrested three migrants of Indian origin. These arrests were made as part of a major investigation being conducted for a suspected case of labor trafficking.

Warrants were executed by the police officials at Northamptonshire along with the authorities from the immigration crime team at the East Midlands. These warrants were implemented at a hotel where in three Indians have been taken into custody as suspects in labor trafficking. One of them was 32 years where as the other two men were 36 years of age.

As of now, they have been detained for questioning. According to the sources from the Home Office, two victims of suspected trafficking were found working forcibly in inhuman conditions. Both the victims were of Indian origin too. These victims have been taken to a safe place.

As per the Assistant Director of the UK Border Agency, Sam Bullimore, one of the brutal forms of organized crime is human trafficking. Battling this crime is a major priority. He said that the agency is driven to develop an environment which is hostile for such crime to be conducted. More so, to catch those who target on innocent migrant victims and bring them to justice. This would be while working with the law enforcement partners.

This operation has come about after the UK Border Agency conducted a crackdown over a month on immigration crime which was organized.

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