The Process Involved in Quebec Skilled Worker Program!

First thing first! You as a skilled worker need to submit a properly filled up application form and file that with the Quebec Immigration Visa post. Inaccurate applications are rejected at the first place. Required credentials and other necessary documents must be enclosed with the applications, on the basis of which visa officers will determine whether you are qualified for the next step, that is interview or not.

Personal selection interview is an integral part of the Quebec Skilled Worker selection process. This is when the visa officer gets to determine whether you have the potential to establish yourself in Quebec successfully or not! Your French language proficiency is also assessed in the interview. To assist you in personal interview, it is always recommended to seek the help of an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

Applicants, along with their accompanying family members, are also required to undergo medical and security checks. You will be provided with the instructions to be undergone  by the visa officer. When it comes to security checks, you are likely produce documents like identity and civil status documents; and police clearance certificates. As for the medical check, you would be required to undergo an examination by a physician, who must be approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

For further information on Quebec Immigration, seek the professional help from an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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