Immigration Boss Wants More Staff!

Australia: With more and more number of applicants intending to immigrate to Australia, the Immigration Department has urged to gather more and more staff members. Reason being that it is finding it hard to tackle thousands of boat people who arrive in the country every year.

A letter has been released from Andrew Metcalfe from the Immigration Department, mentioning the urgent requirement to have more staff for tackling the immigration processes in the future. If stats are to be believed, the detention centers in the land of Kangaroos are overflowing with thousands of people who have been held all over the nation.

The letter stated that there is an urgent demand for more and more people to handle the processing procedure of these thousands of asylum seekers as the quantity if arrivals have hiked by a huge margin in the last twelve months. This demand would surely not be met by the current number of existing staff members.

Urgent requirement is shown for immigration officers to fill the positions in Christmas Island, Curtin and Port Augusta, to name a few. The detention centers in these places are flooding with people, hence making it difficult for the limited staff members to handle the situation.

The situation shows the state in which these asylum seekers are lying in Australia. Limbo is what they are facing with the passing of each moment as they are not at all acquaint with what lies ahead in their future.

To avoid such instances, prospective applicants are advised to go with legal immigration procedures.

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