Canadian Federal Government Opposes the Release of Illegal Migrants!

The recent news of Tamils arriving from Sri Lanka has created quite a stir in the realm of illegal migration. These people came on a Thai cargo ship. Initially, all the people were detained because they could not establish their identities. Most of them did not carry any form of documentation which could prove as evidence to their said identities.

On the other hand, the ship was also suspected carrying members of the Tamil Tigers, a group which is outlawed by the government of Canada. More so, it is considered as equivalent to a terrorist organization by the government of many nations.

However, the Immigration and Refugee Board has planned to release some of the detained migrants, the first being a Tamil woman. This is being challenged by the Federal Government regarding the decision that has been taken by the Immigration and Refugee Board. The Federal Court is being asked by the government to change the order which states the release of four Tamil women who came aboard the MV Sun Sea.

With this request in place, a temporary stay has been levied on the three cases by the court. So, these women continue to be detained as of now. Similar orders have been brought out for the fourth Tamil woman whose release was also being debated. However, a pregnant woman has been released by the board.

As per the Canadian government, about five hundred Tamil migrants who came aboard the ship should continue to be detained until the identity of each individual is established.

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