About 1 Percent Asylum Seekers Deported from Australia!

According to the figures brought out by the Australian Immigration Department, a little more than one percent of all the asylum seekers who arrived via the sea in the last two years have been subject to deportation. During the period of October 2008 till mid 2009, over 6000 people came to the nation through sea. As per the department, only 75 of these people have been removed from the nation.

As per Chris Bowen, the Immigration Minister for Australia, many factors contribute to such low numbers. There is a case pending in the High Court which tends to challenge the rights pertaining to the Immigration Department in many aspects. This clearly projects that the department repatriated quite a number of people to their native countries.

On the other hand, according to Scott Morrison, the spokesman for opposition immigration, most of these asylum seekers are still under detention. More so, they would continue to remain here which in turn would cost more. This would thus create a humanitarian crisis on the coast of the nation which would lead to a lot of stress and strain for those who are managing these centers.

As of now, the detention centers contain about 5000 people who are detained in centers throughout the nation. The above clearly shows that more needs to be done. However, the issue seems to have given sparks for a new debate in this regard with the opposition releasing letters which request for staffing assistance for immigration processing officers. Above all, more seems to have been spoken about and less has been done.

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