Aussie Education Industry Declining with Changed Immigration Policies!

With immigration rules in Australia becoming more stringent along with the recent attacks on Indian students, the education sector in the nation is on a declining spree. There has been less number of enrolments which led the academicians and the experts to question the policies of the government. With the decreasing number of international students to the Australian universities, they education industry in the nation is urging the Federal government to take note of the issue.

The above mentioned factors have been constantly leading to a cause of worry for many universities in Australia. This is because these of these universities were thriving on foreign students. Some of them include the higher dollar value apart from the above. This was in turn further booming the industry in the nation.

According to a report, most of the universities were relying on foreign students. At the same time, the international student market has contributed to about sixteen percent of their total funds for these universities. Most of this revenue was being used for cross-subsidizing the local students.

Above all, universities are an important realm for any nation. If the education sector walks into a financial crisis, it would hit the economy of the nation badly. After all, it is these universities which develop and nurture some of the best minds to contribute to the nation.

The current scenario of this industry can be considered as almost equivalent to a threat which if not answered might lead to fatal results.

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