Obama Advised Hispanic Representatives for Support!

Don’t forget who your friends are, President Obama addressed to Hispanic legislators in a stringent speech that led to what he called Republican obstruction in Congress.

Obama blamed republicans for the failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform. He promised to keep fighting for the immigration reform, and persuaded the Hispanic assembly to side with his legislation and enacting Democrats on the same issue, rather than Republicans whom he charged for interrupting the progress.

Obama exclaimed that they need to break the Republican leadership’s blockade so as to make real progress on immigration reforms or any other issues. After that, Obama gave a detail of all the accomplishments of his administration. These included health care for about four million children. These children also involved those born to migrants who are legally residing in the United States.

Barak Obama reminded people that he was the one who struggled for credit card reform, a new agency which was enacted to protect the consumers from voracious lending, and protections for people who send aids back home. He said that he was the one who had cut down taxes for the working families.

Obama made people realize of their supporters as well as those who are standing against them. He held the Republican “blockade” as being accountable for reforms which have not even started despite being initiated at the Congress. More so, this was brought about when he was elected as the President of the nation.

He also mentioned to the Hispanic community that they could hold him responsible if there has been any flaw or failure when it came to implement reform measures. This can be considered as one of the President’s boldest challenge to the Republicans. At the same time, he also reminded the Hispanics of who their true friends are.

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