Information about Australia Skilled Visa Types

Introduced mainly for dealing with an acute shortage of skilled workers, the Australia Skilled Visa comes as a better opportunity for those who have a professional qualification, relevant work experience and language proficiency to qualify the program.

More than that, it is an initiative to overcome the menace of huge shortage of skilled worker in the worker market and also to identify the right individual who are really deserved to fit for that position. Besides, the person needs to able to bring the valuable economic benefits for the Australian economy.

The Australian Skilled Visa provides a path to skilled professionals, students (from Australian University), trades person to qualify for a skilled visa program.

Here is an important list of Australia Skilled Visa Types;

Skilled Independent Visa – an important type of visa is introduced for those people who satisfy the required points score based on education, skills and employability.

Skilled Sponsored Visa (state/territory) – under this visa program the applicants are sponsored by either the Australian state or territory government considering the high skills shortage in any particular state of the country.

Skilled Sponsored Visa (Relative/Spouse) – If your family or relatives are living in Australia and agreed to sponsor you then you can apply for Australian immigration visa under this program.

Skilled Graduate Visa – The type of visa comes to help to those of international students who have earned experience and skills required to apply for a permanent or provisional skilled visa.

Skilled Regional (Residence) Visa – The provisional visa holders who have resided at least 2 years and worked for 1 year in any specified region of Australia.

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