Information about Quebec Immigration from India

Every year hundreds of people migrate from one country to another. From India, generally people migrate to UK or Canada. Well Canada is one place which is loved by Indians. It is quite interesting to know that the Canadian government still allows many people to come in their country and stay.

The Canadian immigration department and its government allow 25,000 immigrants every year, but as per the records only 17,000 immigrants are granted visa for the country. Well this is because most of the people who wish to migrate to this country are not good at speaking French language. The Canadian government gives priority to those people who speak French language.

So those Indian who wish to apply for the visa of this country must know that they should know how to speak and write the French language. Besides this, if one still wants to apply for the visa it should either be for a skilled migrant or of business visa. It is because the country will only accept the immigrant, if they will help their economy grow.

Thus if anybody wish to apply forQuebec immigration from India they can visit the nearby immigration office and consult them about the various things required. Consulting the immigration officer is the best option any Indian has because there are many legal formalities which needs to fulfilled and only an immigration officer knows those formalities.

One can also look up on the internet to see and read the various legal formalities. But sometimes the internet might not update the changes made in immigration policies. Thus it is always advisable to consult an immigration officer.

However one should know that Canada being a large country it allows immigrants to settle mostly in Quebec. Once the application is approved by provincial government the person has to send the second application to the Federal government.

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