What Are the New Opportunities in Canada from July 2012 for the Immigrant?

Hordes of skilled workers from other countries flock Canada for new opportunities and the country absorbs them all. Canada also has very open and liberal immigration policies which are inviting and alluring. Apart from promising a better pay, the country also offers better facilities, a good working environment and a promise for a better standard of living. Work opportunities range between the temporary and permanent work-type. Employment opportunities also differ on the basis of skills and qualifications. There are various immigration programs, which offer different employment opportunities for people of varied skills sets. There are policies in support of immigrants of business class, executive working class and labour class as well. As long as the documentation of the prospective immigration is in place, there comes no problem for the immigrant to avail theses opportunities. There are many immigration consultants who can help with the new opportunities in Canada, which will be available from July 2012 for immigrants. However, one must be cautious of being misled into fake or fraudulent documentation suggested by the consultant. Whole official immigration process can be cancelled by the Canadian authorities upon the knowledge of such false activities along with a heavy penalty and a possible punishment by law.

To know whether the immigrant has a chance of practising his/her occupation in Canada or has an opportunity to practice an occupation of their choice, one must refer to the Canada Skilled Worker Category’s official new occupation list which comes out in the last week of June or by first week of July each year. There are ample opportunities in the field of Law, Medicine, Textile Industry, Medicinal Radiology and Psychology as of now. To gather more information on what the new opportunities in Canada from July 2012 for the immigrant are, the applicant can also refer to the Foreign Credentials Referral Office which gives enough assistance on the matter and helps the immigrant find his way through.

There is also the Federal Internship for Newcomers Program which hires immigrants on a 90-day internship program which can continue further for another additional 90 working days. In the program internships are offered in areas like Policy making, Computer Science, Project Management and Science and Communication. An experienced mentor is provided for the internship. Anyone who is registered under Immigrant Service Organizations is eligible for this program.

Apart from the above, there are lots of opportunities in the every area be it Biology, Business and Financial Administration, Social Work, Natural & Applied Sciences or Travel and Tourism and many more. Under these heads there are sub-categories which offer many prospects for eligible candidates. However, immigrants need to get their credentials and qualifications assessed in Canada to judge for suitability in case they are acquired outside of Canada. There are workbooks issued and available on the net which can be a good guiding source for the immigrant to prepare for being work-eligible in Canada. There can be a few hurdles in front of the immigrant in case the educational qualifications acquired outside of Canada do not get recognized or the immigrant’s language skills may not be adequate or the immigrant choice of job in Canada may require some amount of Canadian work experience already. Therefore, before moving the applicant must do a thorough research in the area of interest and go through relevant official websites for assistance.

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