Know About Opportunities to Be Granted an US Eb5 Green Card

A US EB5 visa is a good option for those who look to invest in the Unites States along with the comfort of being able to live there as a resident. EB5 visa works for those who cannot acquire a green card on the basis of family connections, an already secured job or an actively running business.

However, it is important for the applicant to know about opportunities to be granted a US EB5 green card. For those who don’t know, this visa program requires the applicant to invest a certain amount to an economic unit called The Regional Centre which would enable the applicant to acquire a permanent resident status. This program aims at creating jobs and stimulating further economic activity and giving the non-resident investor a chance at permanent resident ship in the US in return. The investment has to be such that it creates at least ten jobs in regional centres with high unemployment rates.

There are two options to the US EB5 visa program which involve different amount of passive investments along with different stipulation and regulations. The EB5 visa is for those immigrants of means who can invest the minimum amount for at least five years. This visa enables the immigrant to get a quick access to a green card for oneself and family and an opportunity to work and retire anywhere in the U.S. However, the investment required for the US EB5 visa program is a passive investment and if one wants to manage their own business they can opt for another visa program. There are very few countries which are excluded from this program. For more information and to know about opportunities to be granted a US EB5 green card, the applicant can refer to the official website which is of excellent assistance.

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