Intelligence Bureau to Take Over the Airport Security!

The Bureau of Immigration, which is controlled by the Intelligence Bureau (IB), would now be working in collaboration with the officials of the Shamshabad airport which is the Hyderabad International Airport. This is to ensure that any person with a false identity or of suspicious character could be detained immediately.

This has come in light to the recent threats made by terrorists and to prevent any mishaps in the country. This would be implemented from 1st February 2010. With this, the Intelligence Bureau would be responsible for the screening all the international passengers entering the airport. This also means all the officials working in the immigration wing of the International Airport and those involved with the foreigners registration would be directly linked with the IB.

Other tasks that the IB would handle include the registration of all the foreigners. As of now, this job is catered by the FRO (Foreigner’s Registration Office). The FRO functions with the Special Branch of the Hyderabad City Police. As per the top official sources of the Cyberabad government, major aspects of this program have already been finalized and it would be taken over by the IB on 1st February.

In the recent years, the Immigration officials along with those dealing with the Foreigners Registration Office have been subject to negative reviews and criticism for their inappropriate and inefficient functioning. With this, they have also been accused of being corrupt.

On the other hand, the IB is already at work in the international airports of New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkota and Mumbai under the direct orders from the Union Home Ministry. The Hyderabad and Cyberabad Commissionerate officials would now be reporting to the Joint Director of the IB.

With this, the IB would also have a collective database on the foreigners’ visits along with their details. This would help them to better work with the authorities of the other airports. All the latest gadgets for screening would be introduced in these airports to ensure better security measures. This would also lead to the absence of the long queues which is the current scenario to witness for the foreigners visiting India.

Every year, around ten thousand foreigners register with the city police of Hyderabad. However, this cannot be counted as an absolute figure since there are many who come on a tourist visa.

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