Work Permit in France

The largest state in the European Union – France has set its immigration and visa programs in line with the rest of the countries. The main purpose behind this streamlining is to cater all the foreigners, especially those who are not the nationals of the European Union. These programs would permit them to live and work in France. The various programs offered by the French government are as follows:

  • Skills and Talents Visa – Those individuals who have been trained outside the European Union are permitted to work in France under the Skills and Talent program. Under this program, an immigrant is permitted to live in France for 3 years. Post this period, he can also apply for an extension. With this visa, the immigrant is permitted to practice a profession of his choice. The professional activity could include anything from being artistic or non – profit or even an employment based project. The visa lets the immigrant’s family to live under the Private and Family Life permit.
  • Salaried and Temporary Worker Visa – This program caters to those working under particular professions where in the French employers could directly hire foreign nationals. In order to be approved under this permit, the French employer has to initially submit at the French Labor Office (also known as the DDTEFP) and at the French Immigration Office (ANAEM).
  • Employee on Assignment Visa – This permit is applicable for those who are employed with an organization based out of France but the company has an assignment in France. In order to be eligible, the employee should have been with the company for a minimum of 3 months. This permit is initially granted for 3 years which can later be extended. This visa is only valid if the applicant is chosen by his company’s French establishment; a different organization with the same group or if hired for a project (temporary employment) in France under the same group of the applicant’s employer.
  • Employee on Assignment Card – This visa is meant for senior managers or the executives at a higher level in a particular international organization. Under this program, the application process is usually much faster so as to cater to immediate hiring in France. However, the applicants must prove that their gross monthly salary is equal or above to 5,000 euros. With this, the applicant would be awarded a residence permit which is valid for 3 years. The immigrant’s family workers are also permitted to come and spouse is also allowed to work in France.
  • Seasonal Worker Visa – This is an employment contract meant for duration of more than 3 months. The Seasonal Worker permit can be considered as a form of Temporary Residence permit which is granted for 3 years and could be extended later. This visa permits seasonal work for 6 months maximum during a period of 12 continuous months. The applicant is permitted to obtain more contracts but he cannot exceed his residence beyond 6 months per year in France.
  • The Scientific Permit – Those who are academically qualified with a Master’s degree or an equivalent are allowed to come to France for the purpose of research and teaching. However, the applicant must prove his credentials as a researcher along with the timelines for the research work. He must also submit a convention d’accueil which is a form of a contract granted by an accredited French research institution or a teaching facility. However, this permit is granted by the Préfecture, post submission of the long stay visa and the hosting agreement which has been endorsed by the French Consulate in the applicant’s country of origin.

Above all, it is best recommended to contact an immigration and visa expert in this regard. This is because a specialist would always be updated with the latest and at times, would also be able to predict based on the candidate’s profile. His experience is more than enough to grant the applicant, the relevant visa.

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