The Canadian City of Ottawa!

Ottawa – the capital city of Canada is one of the largest multicultural destinations in its country offering a wide range of attractions to the tourist and the immigrant population. The city offers various aspects for an explorer which involves history, culture, politics arts and so on. You can wander on your own in this city which keeps the enigma intact and ensures that you have your share of adventure.


The presence of a multicultural society in this city ensures that you are not an outsider. The people of the city are warm and extremely welcoming, similar to that of a rural city. This feature makes the place exotic – a large city with the feel of countryside makes it the perfect place to take time off your busy and boring schedule.

Stroll across the lush green parks in this eastern Ontario city. There are a total of eight hundred and fifty parks in this city. With this are the banks of the Ottawa River which separates it from the province of Quebec. The Rideau River and Canal adds to the beautiful pollution free environment of the city.

The city is also host to the world’s largest skating rink at the Rideau Canal which is used by the locals as well as the visitors.

The main places to visit include the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the National Gallery of Canada, and the National Arts Centre amongst others. With this, there are around 45 festivals that are celebrated every year in this city. These celebrations add to the vigor and the vibrant colors of the city.

Above all, the neighborhoods are not to be missed out. Some such places are –

  • Little Italy to feel the Italy in Canada. The place is known for restoring the Italian culture and heritage.
  • Rockciffe is host to all the embassies and the residences of all the top Canadian Government officials including those of the PM and the Governor General.
  • Downtown is known for its history and architecture in the centre of Ottawa.
  • A waterfront village known as Manotick.
  • Feel Asia in Somerset Chinatown.
  • ByWard Market is a happening place for all those interested in shopping. It also has many pubs, restaurant and bars for those keen to meet new people and taste new cuisines. You can also find Canada’s oldest farmer’s market here.

So pack your bags and get exploring ASAP!

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