Are You Interested in Business Immigration to Australia?

The ‘Land of Endless Opportunities’, Australia, proffers excellent business and work opportunities to the talented and ambitious overseas businessmen ,so that they can thrive in the pro-business environment of the country even as they play a critical role in its growth and development.

Canberra provides a plethora of Australian work permits which business persons may get hold of for themselves and/or their workers, and make business immigration to Australia, and this includes:

Temporary Visa Categories

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Subcategory 188 Permit: This useful 4-year provisional permit is up for grabs for company owners, besides investors.

Business Visitor Permits: This highly helpful temporary visa is meant for those who want to visit Down Under for a period of 3 months or less, to take part in business meetings and/or discover business opportunities therein.

Significant Investor Subcategory 188 Permit: It’s another valuable 4-year provisional permit and meant for persons keen to duly invest $5 million in the country.

Residence Visa Categories

Business Innovation and Investment (Residence) Subcategory 888 Permit: It’s the permanent stage of the Subcategory 188 Provisional Business Innovation and Investment even as it requires the candidates to have set-up business operations in the nation or to have duly maintained an investment in bonds therein.

Business Talent (Migrant) Permit: This handy visa is offered to persons with a good business background as the proprietor of a firm or people with Venture Capital funding in Down Under. Significantly, prior to filing a petition for this permanent permit, there is no requirement whatsoever, on the part of the aspirants, of submitting a submission for a temporary permit.

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