US Immigration Reform Champions Seek President’s Support

According to certain new reports, the champions of sweeping immigration improvement in the US are leaving no stone unturned to allegedly convince the incumbent president to employ his presidential authorities to slice through the stalemate in the US capital, and bring-in immigration revamp. They have requested Barack Obama to act to enable unlawful aliens to file petitions for citizenship.

However, the White House has declared that the President has no intentions whatsoever of doing so, adding any amendment in the law ought to be an issue for the American Congress. Though the US constitutional attorneys claim that president’s powers would not allow him to make such an improvement, some Republicans believe that this is Obama’s purpose even as they have issued a warning to him to desist from doing it.

Champions of immigration restructuring infer that an all-inclusive immigration improvement bill, duly passed by the Senate, may not get a green signal from the House of Representatives wherein they think the Republicans will oppose it.

President duty bound to act

Meanwhile, a supporter of the reform has reportedly said that, in case the congress fails to move, Obama is duty bound to do something. She added that only because the Republicans are unwilling to understand the immigrant groups’ plight doesn’t indicate that the same aren’t undergoing the pain of regular exiles.

Presidential veto

Significantly, the US President does not even enjoy a vote in the Congress, and in case both the houses pass a law, he has to ink the same so that it becomes a law. In a situation wherein he fails to put his signature, it does not become an act even as it arms him with a veto.

At the present, power in the American Congress is divided. While the Democrats exercise control over the Senate, the Republicans are in charge of the House. It denotes that with a view to get any bill successfully cleared in the Congress, the President and his Democratic associates need some help from the Republicans.

During the 2012 Presidential election drive, Obama pledged to make wide-ranging immigration overhaul his main concern, in case the voters sent him back to White House. Though the voters elected him, close-to a year has passed, no immigration improvement has been made still. Allegedly, the same has not been for any lack of efforts or the inclination.

Gang of 8

A group of eight American senators cutting across party lines, also known as the ‘Gang of Eight’, has prepared a broad immigration overhaul bill even as the same has been hotly discussed and debated in both the houses. While in the month of July the Senate sanctioned it, the same ought to be presently given a green signal by the House if it has to become a law.

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