Interested in Migration Permit to Lithuania? What You Need to Know!

It is an open secret that the Republic of Lithuania, located in Europe, is gaining widespread popularity among the residents of various countries as it’s, perhaps, the cheapest and fastest gateway to enter the European Union (UN). This not only provides the freedom of movement in the Schengen countries but also allows the immigrants to use their various services and facilities.

To meet the purpose, there are three openings, to get a Migration Permit to Lithuania, and/or to set up a company and/or purchase a company in the nation. To meet the object, the aspirant has to obtain a Lithuania Migration Visa which is basically of two types, namely, Temporary and Permanent Visa.

Temporary Resident Permit

It is essentially a certificate which proffers the foreign residents the officially permitted right to reside, temporarily, in the country. It gives the freedom of living in the nation for complete one year, which can be further extended to five years. It is essential that the holder of a temporary permit who wants to leave the nation for over 6 months duly notifies the suitable officials of the same well in advance. This visa is typically proffered for a time-frame of 1 year.
It takes approximately 2-4 months to obtain the TR Permit after lodging the visa application. It not only provides the freedom of choosing and changing the place of residence, but also entitles the holder to enjoy multiple entries and exits from the nation within the validity tenure.

According to the latest updates, an alien seeking temporary residence permit has to register a company, an organization or an institution before November 1, 2014. Along with the registration, the candidate should have a minimum of 50 thousand litas as a capital, and he should personally attain the objectives of the organization, institution or a company. From November 1, 2014, the amendments are set higher for investment. The candidate’s contribution should also be relatively more in the company.

Temporary Resident Permit will be duly issued to the candidate, who creates three successful jobs for either the permanent residents of Lithuania or for the Lithuanian citizens. It is vital that the investment amount has also been increased to 100 thousand litas.

The member or head of the collegial management is also entitled to grab the above mentioned permit. But after November 1, 2014, Temporary Resident Permit will be issued to only those applicants who are able to create 5 job positions and are in the position of investing money which should not be less than 900,000 litas.

Permanent Residence Permit

Apart from this, entry into the nation is possible by obtaining a Permanent Residence Visa. It allows residency for a longer period of time. There is no short cut to avail this visa in Lithuania. An aspiring migrant should at first get temporary visa and he should have stayed there for 5 years within the validity period of the visa.

Then he is eligible to apply for the Permanent Residency of the nation. The migrant is expected to provide the regular income source along with the accommodation in the nation. Apart from this, health insurance coverage is also mandatory to successfully avail the PR of Lithuania.

Significantly, the Lithuanian government also issues the EU Blue Card. It is a kind of Temporary Residence Visa and meant for exceedingly skilled experts from the non-EU/non-EEA nations. The card is a comprehensive impermanent residency & work visa for extremely qualified specialists and the close members of their families.

The citizens of the third country–who possess an advanced education diploma even as they are duly contracted for over 200% of the average gross monthly income in the given immigration destination–can submit an application for the card in question.

Migration Permit to Lithuania

Among others, it helps the holders enjoy free and unrestricted movement to the Schengen countries without availing a visa for the EU countries. They also can make profitable investments, purchase property; carry-out business, apart from pursuing study and residing in the nation. The children of the permanent residents enjoy free education at the school and higher university level.

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