Canada Student Visa Rules Do Not Need IELTS for Some Varsities

Maple leaf country besides being a favorite immigration location is also a highly reckoned education hub. Recently Canadian government has incorporated large scale changes in the Student Visa Rules. These changes would ease up the path of many students in the offing.

The objectives of the new changes include making it easier for pupils genuinely seeking opportunities to pursue academic courses in the country and keeping the people with intent of using education as a guise for seeking entry into the country. The erstwhile system was abused to a great system as immigrants entered the country but seldom academic courses as they rather preferred taking up employment.  
Salient Features of Complete Revamped Canada Student Visa system

•    As per the new policy the students intending to pursue academic courses in the Maple leaf country would now need first take admission into a Canadian varsity otherwise they would be deported back
•    From now on only those students would be granted study permits who take admissions into designated Canadian universities, i.e. no more Student Visa for people enrolling into unrecognized varsities
•    Study permit holders would be allowed to gain employment to an extent of 20 hours per week during their academic session. However, they would be able to take up full time employment during the vacations and in this case no extra permission would be required. However, only those pupils would be allowed to work full time who are enrolled into courses that last for at least 6 months and it would be necessary for the pursual to culminate in grant of a degree or at least a   diploma.
•    Co-Op Work permission would be given only in cases where co-op placement forma a part of the academic pursual.
•    Visiting migrants would be allowed to file for a study permission when they are in the country
•    The study permission would cease to exist after grace of period of 3 months of completion of academic pursual

The Revamped Student Visa Rules Do Not Need IELTS for Some Universities

A new provision has been incorporated into the existing study permit policy which offer a relief too many people, i.e. the pupils who have pursued graduation in their countries in English (where the primary medium of instruction was in English) do not need to submit IELTS scores. In other instances where the pupils have completed “O” Level or “A” Level then also they score do not need to submit IELTS scores.

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