Migration Permit to the UK—Learn about Visa Categories!

UK, thanks to its robust economy, has emerged as one of the most popular immigration hotspots in the world. The sound value of pound arguably is one of the main factors pulling talent pool from across the globe into the nation.

There are many openings and easy and hassle-free methods which facilitate the entry to this highly developed nation. Immigration to the UK is mainly based on Work and/or Study Visa. Usually, the entry is facilitated through 5-tier and points system which access the applicant’s eligibility to work or study in the nation.

Tier 1 is generally regarded as a high value visa; it not only motivates an entrepreneur to set up his business in the nation but also encourages investors to invest in the country. An aspiring migrant–who is capable of investing 50,000 pounds in the UK, or is capable to settle a business in the nation–is qualified for the said category. Presently, this visa is unavailable to the outsiders.
Another option available is the Tier 2 Visa; it is basically meant for the skilled workers. A talented candidate–who has a job in the UK, on the basis of his skills–gets a migration permit to the UK. He ought to have obtained a job offer along with the sponsorship letter from a UK based employee.

Approximately, 20,700 visas are issued every year under this category. This visa is also offered to the gifted sports people who want to stay in the nation for a longer period, and their caliber is of international level. Monks, ministers, and missionaries can also move into the country with this permit.

Students–who wish to study in the Great Britain can apply under Tier 4 Visa Class. It is basically given to meet the requirements of the students. Under this visa, students are permitted to work for approximately 20 hours weekly. During the term period, they may also work for longer hours.

Apart from these visa gateways, entry of temporary workers can be availed under a Tier 5 visa. Under the youth mobility scheme, youngsters can approach the UK visa officials under Working Holiday Visa Stream. This facilitates the migrant to live and work in the nation.

Artists, sports persons and creative people with global repute can make way to the UK. Legal entry is given to the people who wish to arrive in the country for sharing their experience and knowledge under their government approves schemes.

Besides these, the UK Highly Skilled Migrant Program is another sure shot way of entry to this highly developed nation. The scheme attracts highly talented people to live and work in the country. This program depends on getting the points which are usually grabbed on the grounds of the candidate’s educational qualifications, age, employment experience, language expertise, and their ability to adjust in the nation.

In obtaining permanent residency of the UK, restrictions relating to work or business, does not exist anymore. There are no stay limits as well. Permanent residents in the UK may apply for its citizenship and enjoy the benefits enjoyed by the British people.

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