Are You Interested in Investing In Canada To Get Citizenship?

Investing In Canada To Get Citizenship

Are you one of those keen in taking the investment path to acquire the citizenship of Canada? If yes, check the article and get the required information here!

In terms of obtaining citizenship, the Maple Leaf Country is a country that is very high in demand because it provides ample opportunities for growth, education, business, employment, etc. It also offers a very high living standard, safe and amazing environment for spending life with family, recreational opportunities, future prosperity and a lot more.

Investing In Canada To Get Citizenship
Investing In Canada To Get Citizenship

If you have the required amount of money, and are able to fulfill certain other conditions, as prescribed, then you can get the prized Permanent Resident (PR) status in the nation and later its citizenship.

There are basically two methods by which it is possible to get the Permanent Resident (PR) status in the nation by way of investing:

Canada Business Investor Programme

In this scheme the applicant needs to have a company or a business and there should be an intention of opening a branch of that company or business in the Maple Leaf Country. Business experience is also essential. By this way if the permission is granted then one can easily shift with the entire family for conducting the business operations. The estimated cost in the entire process will amount to around 170,000 Canadian Dollars.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme

 Earlier there was the Federal Immigrant Investor Programme, but it was subsequently shut down. Now there is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme where the applicant along with the family can get PR by investing a sum of 800,000 Canadian Dollars with the Canadian government, for a period of 5 years, without any interest. There is complete guarantee from the government that the applicant will receive the amount back after the period of 5 years in full, but no interest will be provided for the same. This entire sum of money is used by the government for various productive activities for five years.

Along with it certain other conditions are also there in this programme, like net worth of 1.6 million Canadian Dollars and at least two years of ownership of any company or two years management experience, as the case may be. Once the guidelines of the government are followed, one can proceed with all the paper work and submit the necessary documents and the requested money.

If it is difficult for any candidate to arrange 800,000 Canadian Dollars, then there is financing option by government approved financial institutions which will charge a maximum fee of around 220,000 Canadian Dollars. This fee will not be returned because it is the cost of financing that is charged by the financial intermediaries, for completely financing the amount on the applicant’s behalf.

Investing in Canada to get Citizenship

The candidate along with their family can submit an application for the prized citizenship, once they have successfully completed at least three years of residence in the nation.

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