Investment in Canada for Immigration – Some Handy Information

Investment in Canada for Immigration

Anyone seeking immigration to Canada by the way of investment can avail the opportunity by the way of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) through which the qualified and high net worth individuals along with their families can get immigrant status in Canada in the province of Quebec. The Federal Immigrant Investor Programme that operated earlier was shut down and after that the QIIP is the only way out to obtain the much sought after Permanent Resident Visas (PRVs) by the way of investment.

Investment in Canada for Immigration
Investment in Canada for Immigration

Investment Required for Canada Immigration

Talking about the Investment in Canada for Immigration purpose, the applicant and the family can obtain the visas for getting the PR status by investing 800,000 Canadian Dollars, for a period of five years with the government. The government will utilize this money for five years for various productive and developmental activities. Those applying for immigration through this investment option should have the intention of residing in the province.

Safety of Your Investment in Canada

 There is complete assurance from the side of the government that the entire sum will be returned back after the period of five years from investment but one should note that no interest will be received for the same.

Key Requirements for Investment in Canada for Immigration

 There should be a legally obtained minimum net worth of at least 1.6 million Canadian Dollars that can be on an individual basis. It could be accompanied amount also with the contribution from the spouse or partner.

  1. One should be the owner of a qualifying business as per the descriptions stated in regulations for at least two years or must have owned the company for least two out of the five previous years, and if this is not so, then the applicant should have at least two years of experience of management in a company.
  2. The sum of 800,000 Canadian Dollars is to be invested for at least five years which is fully guaranteed by the government for reimbursement after five years without any interest.
  3. Financing option for submitting the approved sum of money can be availed from banks in the Maple Leaf Country.
  4. Thorough background check and medical examination will be done by the regulatory authorities to grant such permission to the candidate.

How to deposit 800,000 Canadian Dollars with the government?

There are two ways for it-

  1. One can choose to make the payment to the government from their own funds which will be used by the government for a period of five years and then they will return it back to the applicant, without any sort of interest.
  2. By the help of a financial institution approved by government you can pay a onetime financing fee to it, and they will invest the money on your behalf. But you will not get the fee back in this case because you are getting the investment financed on your behalf from the financial institute.

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