Interests of Foreign Investors to be Retained in UK!

All the foreign investors have been assured by the government of the United Kingdom that despite the suggested immigration cap, these amends would not affect firms intending to do business in the UK. The amends would be brought about in such a manner that the interests of the foreign investors would be intact.

According to Vince Cable, the Secretary of State, the government is aware of the requirements of such investors from other nations which include bringing in people at the managerial level along with other intra-company transfers. He said this while addressing an event where he was to announce the National FDI Figures of UK. He also mentioned that a separate panel (independent) is currently under the process of evaluating the takeover laws. As per him, these laws were too accommodating. At the same time, there would not be any major changes but would impact both the domestic as well as the foreign nations in the same manner.

The present government in the UK has dedicated itself to put a cap on the economic migration especially from those belonging to the non European Union nations. However, a process to execute this new law is yet to be brought about.

During a breakfast meeting with the top foreign investors in UK, the Prime Minister of the nation, David Cameron pressed on the point that the new government would emphasize the ability of the nation to draw and hold inward investment as part of its plan for economic recovery.

It was announced by the UK Trade and Investment that in 2009-10, there was an increase of about twenty percent in the number of jobs created by the foreign investors. This led to the numbers reaching 94,000. This is irrespective of the drop in the total project numbers resting at 1619.

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