President Obama against Arizona Immigration Law!

The government of Obama has filed a lawsuit in its step to take legal action in opposition to the Arizona Immigration law which has created massive problems for the innocent people living in the United States.

The Arizona Immigration law is said to have target minorities living in the states in an unfairly/biased manner. The lawsuit says that the rush of charges against the innocent people who fail to show their United States Visas would leave to a huge backlog in their Immigration enforcement system. The latter is conserved for handling those people who show any kind of danger against the security of the nation and hold threat towards the public safety. These people may include criminal and offenders and not the ones who are purely harmless to the nation.

Obama is yet to make any public announcement or make an official statement about the lawsuit. However, reports say that his administration believes that it is the Federal Government which needs to deal with this Immigration issue, rather than the State Government.

According to the Arizona Immigration law, the police have the power to question any one whom they think is a suspect of undocumented status. In addition, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer in a statement said that the state was obligated to deal with the facet of illegal immigration since there is no federal reform to cater to this situation.

If other reports are to be believed, this lawsuit could turn out to be a long-term affair.

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