Internal Auditor – ANZSCO 221214 Australia!

The ANZSCO list of occupation is bedecked with all those occupations which are in high demand in Australia. Internal Auditor is one of them and those associated with this profession can find high hopes in making a good life in the land of Kangaroos. The best part about this occupation is that it is listed in both Schedule 3 and Schedule 4 and hence, the applicant finds great benefit to apply in either of the categories. It is not mandatory to fulfill all the responsibilities with this profession. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Arranging meetings and collaborations of directors and shareholders.
  • Providing advice to the governing boards of the firm on the matter of legislations and other practices. In addition, the applicant is responsible for supervising company’s share capital.
  • Managing reports linked with financial risks and controlling the treasury system.
  • Provide assistance in equity management and devising budgetary cost control.
  • Conducting audits, establishing the objective of audits and crafting financial statements.


  • It is a must to have a minimum qualification of a bachelor degree or higher qualification.
  • OR a relevant experience of 5 years in the field is needed.
  • OR in certain cases, both the qualifications and on-the-job training are demanded by firms.

The responsibilities and qualifications are NOT limited to the ones mentioned here. Mail at [email protected] and know more.

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