International students impressed by Canadian Quality and Safety

International students impressed by Canadian Quality and Safety

The Canadian Bureau for International Education’s annual student survey in their sixth installment came to the high satisfaction levels of overseas students who arrive in Canada for their higher studies.

Mainly challenges come from finding a place to stay and looking for a suitable place to work. But Canada’s reputation regarding safety is of great importance to the students.

This survey highlights the challenges and opportunities that come into the light when overseas students go to Canada to study “from pre-arrival planning through study and post-graduate phases.”

The survey showcases how the safety aspect of Canada is a major crowd puller for international students, saying that most of them were satisfied with their Canadian study experience and would recommend it as one of the best overseas study destinations.

This year is the sixth in which CBIE has carried out their International Student Survey (ISS), which comprises 67 institutions all over Canada. This survey was given an active response by 40,000 international students from multiple source nations during October and December 2021.

The CBIE is also an education association for overseas-based students that includes school boards, cégeps, colleges, institutes, language schools, polytechnics, and universities. The quality of education by post-secondary institutions accounts for 69.5%, safety and security being 79% play to the advantage of studying in Canada according to ISS during 2022.

What’s more, the overseas students also give a high priority of 50% to the tolerant and non-discriminatory Society of Canada. Also, importance wavers from country to country origin. For example, for Chinese students, preference is given to peer recommendations; French students trust the school’s online website and are more in favor of advice given to them by agents.

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