Investment amount for Federal Investor Visa Might Double!

Federal rules are in their final stages of approval and if reports are to be believed the investment amount for Federal Investor Visa might double its current amount. According to the new rules, if approved, the applicant will have to show their personal net worth of CAD $1.6 million if they want to get permanent residency under the immigrant investor program. Under proposed selection criteria, Investment requirements will double up to CAD 800,000. Popular finance option that is offered by recognized financial institutions will likely increase to around CAD 200,000/-.

No official statement has come from Canada’s side till now. Canadian embassies globally stopped taking in the applications under the current scheme in June, as it was when the new financial requirements were proposed by the Federal government.

According to experts from the immigration fields, Chinese entrepreneurs are always eager to get permanent residence for themselves and their clan. Once, things would be finalized, there would be a race of the millionaires.

Canadian embassies have confirmed that the last twenty four months have witnessed that investor category has been the single largest source as far as the Chinese immigration applications are concerned.

Also, people who migrate through the investor category are motivated by the fact that they would have secured savings and perfect education in more developed nations, confirmed various immigration experts.

In addition to that, new comers to a nation like Canada are applauded as bonus as they enhance the economic activities of any nation, plus serve as important links between their home country and Canada.

According to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the hike is genuine and justified.

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