UK Recruiters Trying to Persuade Irish Accountants!

The immigration cap on no-European Union nationals, as well as skill shortages in some areas in the United Kingdom is pushing the nation’s recruitment firms to bank on accountants from Ireland. However, there is nothing new in the fact that UK recruiters recruiting Irish accounts, since the nation has always relied Irish accountants from their roles.

UK recruiters are now relying more and more on Irish accountants. Recruiters in London and Europe are planning to hire accountants from the European Union nation, as there is alarm regarding the immigration cap on non- European Union immigrants. Moreover, the cities like London and many more are facing skill shortages in areas like finance accounting; regulatory accounting; and product control.

Recruiters in the United Kingdom are trying to persuade accountants in Ireland in order to hire them for the above mentioned roles. Companies have been trying to reach out to Irish accountants for audit roles, which could otherwise have been filled by accountants from the Middle East. But, with some visa issues in place, recruiters are facing problem in hiring these candidates, as a result of which they are left with the idea of attracting accountants from Ireland.

Reportedly, a financial accountant with three to five years of work experience can expect to get 65 to 80 thousand Euros if he/she secures a role in banking and financial services in London. The amount is far better than the salary package a financial accountant uses to get in Ireland.

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