Investment Opportunities in Hungary

Interested In Capitalizing On Investment Opportunities in Hungary? Use Residency Bond Programme!

Hungary, with a population of more than 10 million inhabitants, is located in Central Europe. The country is an ideal place for business professionals and foreign investors even as numerous investors and business professionals are moving to the country in huge numbers hoping to make the most of the existing investment opportunities in Hungary.

Investment Opportunities in Hungary

To cater to the growing demand of such people, the Hungarian Government runs attractive immigration schemes for the foreign investors and business professionals. Residency Bond Programme is widely popular among the motivated business people/investors. It not only provides an easy opportunity to move to the continent but also the golden chance to start a dream venture, and earn Permanent Residency (PR). It is also regarded as the ‘best immigration programme in Europe’.

Investment Opportunities in Hungary through Residency Bond Programme

The category is a fast-track option for those who see their future bright in the country. The country is located in Central Europe and is also a leading Schengen country and attracts immigrants from different shores of the world. Its robust and liberal economy and flexible immigration rules give positive vibes to the wishful migrants.

Required Qualifications

You will be surprised to know that one does not requires being loaded with any high qualifications in respect of administration skills and personal net worth. However, the Unitary Parliamentary Republic may call you for a personal round of interview before final decision on your application is given.

Residency Bond Programme Minimum Investment

The stream requires an investment of EURO 300,000 in government bonds for a maturity period of five years, at the end of the tenure the principal amount in duly returned. The amount is exclusive of processing, administration and government costs. If you want to renew your PR you can do so at the end of the five years, and one can apply for much desired Hungarian citizenship and passport after eight years of your stay in the country, but only once you have cleared the language test.

How Programme Is Highly Useful!

  • Permanent residency can be obtained in just one step.
  • Once an applicant is granted temporary card it becomes relatively easy not only for the applicant but for the entire family to get Hungarian PR.
  • With continuous amendments in the immigration programme, processing applications has become relatively easier.
  • A migrant to the country does not really require a permanent place of abode.
  • You are free to travel to other Schengen countries with the same permit.
  • Across the EU you, along with your partner, can enjoy amazing healthcare facilities.

The Hungarian Government has brought certain changes in the Residency Bond programme. Now the processing time has been reduced to just 4 weeks. In addition, the parents of the primary applicant are also included along with the children (any age).

Residency Bond Programme without a doubt provides easy investment opportunities in Hungary. The scheme is a huge success among aspiring business people and investors. If you have the required net worth, you do not have to go through the rigorous immigration process.

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