Capitalize on Existing Business Opportunities in Yukon

Capitalize on Existing Business Opportunities in Yukon Canada via Nominee Programme!

The smallest territory of Canada Yukon is located in the nation’s north-west, and since long–much like other Canadian territories and provinces — it has been welcoming a large number of immigrants as residents to its shores. The territory is sparsely populated. While Yukon is the only city, ‘Whitehorse’ is its territorial capital.

Business Opportunities in Yukon

The Yukon Government offers several wonderful visa and immigration programmes. And, looking at its robust economy and the business possibilities, the Business Nominee Programme (BNP) run by it can be a fairly good choice for the resourceful and striving overseas businessmen and investors, keen to do money-spinning business abroad, and acquire the prized Permanent Residency (PR) there in.

Business Opportunities in Yukon, Canada through Business Nominee Programme

There are vast possibilities in the area for the talented investors and businessmen. The key path to making the most of the opportunities is none other than the Yukon Business Nominee Programme (YBNP).

It is essentially the brain child of the Yukon Government even while it is a business plan made with an agreement with the Canadian Government, to draw foreign business professionals from all over the world. The extensively used business scheme allows the Yukon Government to nominate the individuals with proven business skills and net worth who want to immigrate to the Maple leaf Country and reside in Yukon, on a permanent basis.

Eligible applicants become a nominee and are supported with a two year Work Permit. The permit allows them to establish themselves, their business and their family. And at the end of the given permit, the nominees, who successfully meet the eligibility criteria, will be supported by the Yukon Government to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the cherished PR status. The IRCC will review each nominee on the basis of compliance, criminality, health and security. The final decision for the PR will be that of the IRCC. And, it cannot be challenged.

Who Can Apply?

Now this is a very important point! The scheme is fundamentally designed and tailor-made for those specific business professionals who have a minimum of five years of relevant business experience, and who want to start a new, acquire/associate/purchase or partner in an existing business venture in the territory with the capability to enhance the marketing and production of technology, goods, exports, research, or services in various sectors, and add innovation to the territory’s economy.

Yukon Business Nominee Programme Eligibility Requirements

  • The aspirants must be armed with five years of appropriate experience at a senior management position, or else he must have equivalent experience as a direct entrepreneurial relevant to the proposed business.
  • It is mandatory that the applicant submits a detailed resume, letter of recommendation, evidence of past experience, and financial statements. Experience, as an employee or a manager, does not really demonstrate the required ability and skills to operate or own one’s own venture in the Canadian territory.
  • The candidate must possess a net worth of 250,000 Canadian Dollars which includes liquid assets of 150,000 Canadian Dollars.
  • Prior to submitting the application, it is mandatory that the applicant makes a business trip to the region, and fully understands social and business environment there in. in addition, during the business trip, he must also bump into the concerned officer of the Nominee Programme.
  • To operate a business in the area, the applicant must also be fluent in either English or French language.
  • The applicant must plan to regularly participate in the day-to-day business activities.
  • He must be in a financial condition to make an equity investment of at least 150,000 Canadian Dollars in a desired business (a total of 33.33% share in the venture/firm).

Who Gets Priority?

As mentioned elsewhere, the Business Nominee Programme is a result of the mutual understanding between Yukon and the Federal Government, to select the potential applicants with the capability to expand the territory’s economy, and create new job opportunities for its citizens.

Given this, priority is basically given to those who want to get involved in one of the following businesses: Information Technology (IT), agriculture, forestry, mining/mineral development, manufacturing, film and video production cultural industries, energy, and value added processing.

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