Benefits of EU Residency are Aplenty

What is the European Union (EU) and what is EU Residency? Well, it is basically a politico-economic union and boasts of 28 member states even as all the members are situated principally in Europe. The union is spread over an area of 4,324,782 km2, and houses more than 510 million people. The union operates via an arrangement of what is called supranational & intergovernmental decision making even as it has seven major decision making organizations.

EU Residency

The union has come out with an internal single market, via a uniform structure of laws that apply in each and every member state. The EU rules and laws intend to guarantee the unrestricted movement of individuals, merchandises, services, and funds inside the internal market, pass law in justice & home affairs, and continue shared rules on agriculture, trade fisheries, and regional growth and progress. Significantly, inside the Schengen Area, passport controls have been done away with.

Advantages of EU Residency

The different member states of the group are all highly advanced nations with a truly high quality of life. Close to 50% of the member nations introduced EU residency or citizenship via investment schemes. These plans were basically brought into existence for those people from the third nation, who would prefer to make an investment in the economy of Europe, and those who wish to gain from the power of residing either in the EU and/or in the Schengen zone.

Now let’s talk about the EU Residency benefits!

Safety & Security

Residing in a highly safe and secure place with one’s family members is something that inspires many. And, Europe, on the whole, may be termed as 100% safe. Despite the fact that the EU has as many as 28 members with different crime conditions, the chances of living crime-free in the continent are very high. The different nations in the EU guarantee that their residents’ and citizens’ rights are not violated in any manner. The same denotes that not just you and your family may stay in a safe and secure place, their financial assets will be also taken care of and safeguarded.


The internal market of the EU is opened for every resident and citizen of any member state. The single market is there for the benefit of every 500 million residents and citizens in the union. Its foundations are the “four freedoms”: Free movement of people, goods, services and funds between each and every of the 27 EU member countries. These may be relished, with restricted exemptions, by everyone staying and doing a job in the union.


The European continent boasts of some of the finest schools and universities found anywhere across the globe. They are all available and wide open for the students from other member states of the EU and tertiary education is offered free of cost.

Wellness Programme

In case you happen to stay in the union, certainly you will revel in the many advantages of the amazingly satisfactory healthcare arrangements. Apart from the same, you may access medical treatment in a new EU nation on the similar terms and at the identical cost as the people residing in that specific nation.

Quality of Life

Across the union the whole lot is satisfactory with the above given foundations of living at anyplace. In Europe, it is possible to live an unquestionably regular life with your family, and revel in every benefit the union may provide.

EU Residency Permit–How to Get It?

Numerous residency and citizenship by investment plans are available in Europe even as these happen to be the quickest and easiest paths to attain the right to stay in one EU member state and stay at liberty in any other.

Hungarian Residency Bond Programme

As per some observers on the issue, one of the swiftest and most cost-effective residency plans is the Hungarian Residency Bond Programme. In Hungary, it is mandatory that the candidates make an investment of EUR 300,000 in governmental bonds. Post a period of 5 years, the Hungarian Administration returns the entire money. This plan is regarded as the quickest residency by investment plan as it is possible for the candidates to gain the visa to travel into the Schengen area in just 8 working days. It may appear unbelievable, but it is 100% true.

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