Investor Visa Requirements for Canada under Start-Up Plan

Canada is one place that’s always high on the radar of the go-getting foreign investors and businessmen, and why not? Right from pro-investment polices to the availability of skilled workers, from numerous easy-to-follow visas to government support, you will find everything here in the Maple Leaf Country that will help you give wings to your overseas investment aspirations and you will end up making profitable investments in the country. You will have to get an Investor Visa for the object and fulfill the different Investor Visa Requirements for Canada first.

Start-Up Visa Programme

The plan’s aim is to hire ground-breaking foreign national entrepreneurs who will generate new employment opportunities and drive economic development in the country.

Investor Visa Requirements for Canada
Investor Visa Requirements for Canada

You can opt for this excellent Investor Visa Programme to get what you want as an overseas investor in the Maple Leaf Country. The scheme provides the ambitious foreign investors an encouraging atmosphere to expand and/or introduce their firm/company in the country.

Under the Start-Up Visa Scheme, as an immigrant entrepreneur, you will get the prized Canadian Permanent Residence and become well established in the nation.

Successful candidates yoke with private sector organizations in the nation, where they may get subsidy, assistance and capability in opening and running their firm/venture in the Maple Leaf Country.

Investor Visa Requirements for Canada under Start-Up Plan

In order to be qualified for the Start-up Visa Scheme, you must, among others:

Demonstrate a nominated body maintains your firm

Prior to you can submit an application for the Start-up Visa Plan, it is required that you possess the backing of an elected body. These are business groups that have the sanction to invest in or support the likely start-ups.

In case a chosen body takes the decision to back your firm/company, you will receive a Letter of Support from it. It is important that you include the Letter of Support with your petition. In case you fail to do this, or do not fulfill any of the Investor Visa requirements for Canada below, your petition will not be entertained.

Prove that your firm/venture fulfills the proprietorship conditions

A maximum of 5 persons may present a petition for the Start-up Visa Program as proprietors of a single firm/venture. Still, to fulfill the different requirements for title it is necessary that each applicant enjoys not less than 10% of the voting rights in the firm/venture; and the designated body and the candidates jointly have over half of the voting rights in the firm/venture.

Fulfill the language conditions

The skill to converse and work in English, French, or both of these will assist your business flourish in the nation. It is obligatory that you appear for a language test conducted by a sanctioned agency and include the results with your petition, lest your petition is rejected.

You must fulfill the bare minimum level of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in either English or French in all of these 4 segments, namely, speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

Employ your test results to figure out your CLB level. In case you fail to fulfill the minimum language abilities, your petition will be rejected.

Bring sufficient funds to settle

Ottawa does not provide any sort of financial backing to the new Start-up Visa immigrants. It is required that you illustrate that you have adequate funds to take care of yours and your dependents’ needs, post you land in the country. You are not allowed to use this money from a different person. You will require furnishing evidence that you have the funds when you present a petition. The amount you will require depends on the number of the members in your family.

Investment Details

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the concerned organization, has designated many angel investor groups, venture capital funds, and business incubator organizations to be a part of the Start-Up Visa Scheme.

Successful candidates have to secure a minimum investment for their Canadian start-up. In case the source is a nominated Canadian venture capital fund, it is mandatory that the investment is not less than 200,000 Dollars. In case the source is an angel investor group, the same ought to be not less than 75,000 Dollars.

Though the candidates do not require securing any investment from a business incubator, they must be duly accepted into a business incubator scheme of the Maple Leaf Country.

Candidates do not have to invest any of their own money. In case their Canadian start-up does not prove successful, those given Permanent Residence (PR) via the plan will continue to enjoy their permanent resident standing.

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