Iraqi Boy Disappears in the UK!

An Iraqi student who was speculated to have lied to the immigration authority of the UK on the matter of his birth date is now missing! He was residing in the UK and came to the country as a stowaway in the year 2008.

Rabar Hamad, the concerned youth lied to the immigration authority that he is aged 14 at the time of his arrival. Therefore, he was granted a place at an Oldham secondary school and was given the accommodation in a nearby children’s home. But when an assessment was carried out by Wigan Council, his lie come into notice as his age turned out to be 18. After landing in the country, he even gave trials for so many football matches under various big teams.

Now there are speculations going all over the places that he might have faced deportation back to his home country, especially when it has been found that he has not told his exact age to the immigration authorities. His mates and teachers are continuously insisting that he should not be deported back to Iraq.

Campaigns are going on to stop his deportation back to his country. They are releasing statements like Rabar should be given the right to stay at the place where he is secured and feels safe! He should stay with those people who know that his daily needs are fulfilled.

It has been officially confirmed by the Home Office that he has been missing now.

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