No Hesitation in Changing Immigration Laws, Says Harper!

According to the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, the nation would not recline from strengthening the laws to deal with the trend of prospective refugees coming to Canada through channels of human trafficking in ships. He said that Canada is a land of refuge but the local Canadians are also concerned when boats containing people arrives. And this is not through the legal channel which follows an application process. It simply tends to land with loads of people in it. And so, the government would take all the measures as it is responsible for securing its own borders as well as fundamental exercise for its sovereignty.

This has been the first time since the Prime Minister spoke on this issue post the arrival of the Thai cargo ship in British Columbia. This ship was carrying around 492 Tamils from Sri Lanka who expect to be granted asylum in Canada. The ship arrived at the MV Sun Sea.

According to the authorities, some of these people might be belonging to a terrorist group called Tamil Tigers which is outlawed in Canada. As of now, the first migrant who has come before the immigration authorities has been put under detention till the government confirms on the identity that the person claims herself to be. According to Eric Purtzki, her lawyer, this woman came along with her original birth certificate and her national identity card.

Similar to other migrants, even she has been subjected to a short interview by the officials at the border. However, the process is yet to be complete. This woman was accompanied by her parents and her brother. She also has relatives in Canada.

As of now, it is planned for her to come back next week and appear before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada where she is anticipated to appeal once more for release. However, the officials have made it clear that the local media would not be permitted into the detention review of this woman. Access to such reviews would be completely based on each case.

As per an adjudicator with the board, these reviewed would be limited to two Tamil advocacy groups which are namely the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam and the Canadian Tamil Congress. The Transitional Government of Tamil Eelam is looking in for an appeal in the Federal Court.

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