Is Immigration Reform Forgotten?

The recent speech by President Obama speculates that the “Immigration Reform” will have to wait – at least, for this year!


In his speech, he mentioned that the government needs to work on its broken Immigration system in order to implement legal migration and secure the borders. Another facet that needs to be focused on is that people should work by rules and contribute in enriching the American economy!

He didn’t mention much about the Immigration Reform during the entire speech, barring these few words. It is strange to see that the president went on to say so much while taking the oath, but has not been able to do much in the same field since his arrival.

Readers can have a look at the video:

Skim through the speech by Obama through this link:

According to another source (, President Obama just mentioned few words on Immigration system and stated nothing as to what all needs to be done this year.

Apart from just few words on immigration system, President addressed various issues like recession that hit the country an year back, debts, unemployment faced by the people of his nation, declining of home values, Democrats and Republicans, American economy, American spirit, strength and strong union, to name a few.

Until and unless a final decision on the reform does not come, speculations of these kinds would continue to mark their presence in the air!

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