Open Your Arms Wide in Wellington!

Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts can find perfect comfort and harmony in Wellington, New Zealand! In short, an amalgamation of both extrovert and introvert activities at one spot! What else can one ask for! The culture, the famous tourist destinations, the diversity in cuisines, and the fascinating ambiance, everything is just perfect in Wellington and play a crucial role in applauding it as one of the hottest tourist destinations!

Some of the must-try options in Wellington are:

  • Museum located on Queens Wharf: The monument symbolizes the various facets linked with the New Zealand history. For those who are eager to dive in the pool of NZ history, can take part in the Te Papa history event that happens on an annual basis.
  • The Botanic Gardens in Wellington hold various events every year. For instance, a one hour tour that happens on the last Friday on May holds an altogether different charm. The event happens at other instances also. Another even hosted by the Botanic Garden is the Sensation walk that happens on May 26 every year.
  • Cuban Carousel Celebration happens at the Opera House in April and is draped with various activities like singing and dancing.
  • Relax minded people can head on towards Waterfront Walkway and watch the fisherman commencing their regular day-to-day activities in their beautiful yachts. Trust me, no better view would provide you with a better feeling than this!
  • Waterfront lovers can straight away head towards Lyall Bay. The beautiful beach is perfect for you and your beau to spend some quality time together and capture those moments forever in your heart! Fun loving people have the freedom to indulge in outdoor activities like surfing on those beautiful waves.
  • If you are with your kids, take them to Wellington Zoo! Kiwi, of course is a must-watch option here!

No matter where you drive in Wellington, your eyes would be treated with the fantastic views of the harbor and the city; no doubt it is regarded as the most picturesque city!

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