Is Toronto Really the Best Place in Canada for Immigration?

This is one question–an answer to which is sought by many these days. Here, we will talk about certain facts and know what Toronto can provide to the newcomers to the Maple Leaf Country.

Toronto Employment Scene

What does the Toronto’s employment scenario hold for fresh arrivals or aliens keen to shift to the nation? Let us, at first, find-out the hottest jobs or employment offers up for grabs in Toronto for the period of 2010-2013. Reportedly, Toronto has been moving forward in terms of job growth since the world recession even as close to half of Ontario’s jobs could be found in just Toronto. For those not tuned in, Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario.

Well-paying Jobs

The domain of Information Technology has been the road stopper. So, it’s little surprise that the average salaries are close to $35 (per hour). The wholesale, besides the technical sales sector, is still another domain seeing a major development in employment creation in Toronto for the past some years. Besides, employment opportunities for laborers, kitchen & food counter labor force also has been heading north during the last three years or so while the employees take home about $13 per hour.

Time Just Perfect for Entry Stage Employment Opportunities for Young Newcomers

For relatively young & fresh immigrants wanting to get a well-paying job in the City of Toronto, numerous entry stage jobs are up for grabs therein. Though, without a doubt, such jobs are not permanent, one gains plenty of choices. Further, a permanent work opportunity may also help one obtain at least $13 per hour. On the negative side, work-openings in the middle level point appear to be very little–in particular those that offer somewhere around $20 per hour.

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