Quebec Business/Investor Immigration: A Fleeting Look

The much talked about and extensively preferred Quebec Business/Investor Immigration Category, which comes under Canada Immigration Program, is up for grabs for those who have gained any of these—managerial, investor, or self-employed skills & knowledge.

The aspirants ought to prove that they can become financially well set in the nation even as they aim to settle in the said province, if their petitions are duly accepted. Post provincial sanction, the applicants obtain an official document given by the Quebec administration. Subsequently, they get a Permanent Resident Permit, after undergoing the mandatory security & health checks.

The three business classes, namely, Entrepreneur, Investor and Self Employed have their own specific conditions & selection procedure.

Quebec Investor Scheme: With a view to make the cut as an investor, the candidate should possess a disposable worth of not less than 1.6 million Canadian Dollars, possess managerial experience, and also be all set to invest (administration-guaranteed) 800,000 Canadian Dollars, for a period of 5 years.

Quebec Entrepreneur Scheme: With a view to be accepted, as an Entrepreneur, the applicant should possess a disposable worth of not less than 300,000 Canadian Dollars, possess managerial experience in a business which he has either possessed or managed, and also be ready and in a position to launch or get hold of a business in Quebec which will generate not less than 1 incremental work opportunity therein.

Quebec Self-Employed Person Scheme: With a view to make the grade, as a Self-Employed person, the aspirant should possess a disposable worth of not less than 100,000 Canadian Dollars. He should also have employment experience in the vocation or trade which he plans to get involved with in the province.

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