Issuance and Replacement of a Temporary Residence Permit in Lithuania

Prospective applicant intending to migrate to Lithuania under the Temporary Residence Permit would be issued the same or granted replacement if:

  • The person has maintained his right to citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania in harmony with the Citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania Laws
  • Family reunification is one of the criteria linked with his case study
  • The person belongs to Lithuanian descent
  • He is planning to take employment options
  • He has been enrolled under guardianship
  • He is making minds to involve in lawful activities in the Republic of Lithuania
  • He is planning to enroll himself in some educational institution, get involved in training/internship/vocational training
  • He has been given subsidiary protection in the Republic of Lithuania in the manner prescribed by this Law
  • He may be expelled from the Republic of Lithuania or the expulsion has been postponed (in accordance with the Article 132 of the Law).
  • He has been given subsidiary protection under the Law.
  • He finds it unsuitable to leave as his health is not in appropriate condition or he requires emergency medical assistance.
  • The applicant (alien) has been given temporary protection in the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the mode set in the Law. The Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania decides such health conditions.
  • He would be granted the permission to reside if he has faced human trafficking.
  • He is planning to carry out research (is into experimental development) by having employment as the researcher under employment contract accomplished with a registered research institution

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