Uncertainty Hurts Applications Lodged BEFORE February 27, 2008

The latest update on high commission website indicates an application processing delay of 79 months. But our experience indicates otherwise. Applications filed in 2004 were updated 18-30 months back, with no news thereafter. Almost all applications filed 2005 onwards have already crossed 72 months and have not even received the updating request. Clearly, rest of the process is highly unlikely to finish within next 7 months. Our follow-up queries for some of the clients have received a standard response and offered no guidelines on planned action to clear the backlog in near future.

Only action that can be confirmed with confidence is that applications being filed after October, 2008 are being processed within a span of 12-15 months from the date of lodgement with CIO, Nova Scotia.

So, if your application was filed BEFORE February 27th, 2008 and awaits decision, following three situations/options are visualised:

1. Face uncertainty on application processing time frames. As per our understanding of updated files, the decision is still at least 12-24 months away. That too will happen only if Government of Canada decides to clear the backlog. Please keep in mind that by now the PCC, personal and employment details will be outdated and may be asked to be updated again! That will add to processing delays.

2. Files that have not even been updated face the most difficult situation. Even 79 months delays – as per currently indicated time frames on CIC website – indicate many years of expected processing delays. No amount of follow-up is likely to get any definite response on when you will get final decision on your filed application.

3. File a fresh application for immigration from many worldwide options excluding but not limited to Canada Federal and Quebec Skilled Workers Program, Singapore Landed Permanent Resident Visa, Hong Kong Quality Migrant program, Australia General Skilled Migrant Program and New Zealand General Skilled Program.

Kindly send the following information to [email protected] and one of our senior Immigration specialists will immediately revert to you on available options.

  • Your updated resume
  • If married, provide the resume for your spouse as well
  • If applicable, please provide information on children and their age
  • If interested in making an application for Singapore, please confirm whether or not you are filing personal income tax returns since last 3 years
  • Information on any blood relatives residing in Australia, Canada or New Zealand. This is not a compulsory requirement to qualify for immigration but serves as additional positive assessment factors for various countries. If yes, please also advise on the state/city of their stay. For example, Toronto (Canada); Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand) and so on.
  • Have you or your spouse, at any time during qualification or work, learned French or any other foreign language? This is not a compulsory requirement but serves as additional positive assessment factors for various countries.

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