Indian students lead with highest transition rate to New Zealand PR

Indian origin students possess highest transition rate to job as well as permanent residence in New Zealand. Recent reports of New Zealand labor department states that Indian students pursuing study in New Zealand reflect highest transition rate to job later following to permanent residence.

The report suggests that around 72% Indian students get job in New Zealand after completing their study followed by Chinese students who caters for 43% of job transition rate.

New Zealand Immigration Minister validates these reports and said that around 33 percent of international students get a job offer after completing their study in New Zealand and later stay on to contribute to New Zealand economy. These transformation rates to job are a good sign for New Zealand economy and a better support to nation’s workforce.

Immigration Minister further added that the country is getting profit from the fee-paying international students as well as their stay in New Zealand benefits our workforce and economy as a result of contribution of their skills.

The report brandishes New Zealand as an attractive nation for study immigration as well as permanent residency immigration due to the cost and standard of educational programs in an English-speaking country.

The report further reveals that around 68% of former emigrated students acquired fulltime job after one and half years of possessing permanent residence in New Zealand.

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