Junior doctors from India are in great demand for direct recruitment in UK

National Health Service of UK is hiring junior doctors from India in great numbers as reported by BBC news service. UK’s health sector is facing a worst shortage of medical skills which is a direct result of stringent immigration policies imposed in the last few years.

The shut-gates of UK’s medical service are now opened for medical professionals to bridge the shortage of skilled doctors in UK. UK’s Medical training schools are hiring junior doctors from India this year.

National Health Service of UK is facing shortage of skilled doctors in the medical branches of gynecology, pediatrics, anesthesia, and obstetrics. Apart from these, junior doctors are demanded in accidental and emergency casualty services.

It is welcome news for Indian doctors as UK is the first immigration choice for medical professionals worldwide. If you are a skilled doctor belong to any of those medical service categories and aspiring to immigrate to UK then this is the best time to contemplate your dream.

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