Jailed Over Sham Marriage!

As part of an immigration trick, a Nigerian woman involved in sham marriage in was caught by the UK Border Agency officials in Peterborough. She was intending to stay in the United Kingdom, thus the fake marriage! The lady is now sentenced with a two-year jail term. Along with the lady, three other men, including the groom were also imprisoned for their involvement in fake ceremony.

The four were caught by the immigration officials while they were performing the marriage ceremony at a church in Peterborough in May. Ruth Abumhere of Bowditch, the bride was given two consecutive 12-month sentences based on her admission that she tried to stay in the United Kingdom by misleading authorities and holding fabricated credentials.

As for the groom, from Ipswich was sentenced with eighteen months of imprisonment. Other two received thirty months and eighteen months jail term. These men were found guilty of scheming the fake marriage, thereby facilitating the woman in breaking the immigration laws in order to help her stay in the United Kingdom.

According to UK Border Agency spokesperson, deportation procedures for the convicts will be started after the completion of the jail sentences. The immigration officials are determined to take action to curb this kind of abuse. With this kind of sentences, the officials are in a way sending the message that anyone who tries to breach the country’s law are ought to face varied kind of punishment. As for foreign nationals, they face deportation in this context!

Well, this is not the only case where people take refuge to sham marriages in an attempt to make United kingdom there home. Every now and then, there is one or another instance of fake marriages across the nation. The nation’s immigration authorities are constantly trying to weed out these practices, but they should know that there is no dearth of people with wrong intentions in the world!

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