UK using EU agreement to import more Indian ITicians!

UK has taken a huge bite of the EU migrant workers commitment, somewhere close to 40% although UK just makes up for 12% of the entire EU. The preference is largely for Indian IT professionals. UK’s appetite is at least 3 times to that of Germany and around 7 times to that of France.

Succumbing to Indian pressure for labor access and the clandestine nature of India-EU agreement, the EU Commission is most likely to offer Indian professionals 35,000-50,000 work permits per year. These permits will be granted on two categories

  • Independent professionals (IP’s)
  • Contractual service suppliers (CSS)

The current commission policy does not specify the share of each member state. This unequal divide of migrants is further increased by introduction of the third category i.e.

  • Intracorporate transferees (ICT’s)

Intracorporate transferee’s category is for those migrating to work in their Indian companies in the EU. The prime minister of UK however, has announced the decision to exclude ICT’s from the immigration policy. The number of migrants under this category will not be subjected to any limit in the UK. The negotiations to this deal are on, and might be finalized by next week going by reports.

The chairman of migration watch UK simply states that this deal may open doorway to around 15,000-20,000 Indian IT professionals every year.

This deal is raising eyebrows among the Brits considering that a chunk of British IT professionals are finding it difficult to find employment added to which unemployment has increased among the computer science graduates. The demand for Indian IT professionals is non comprehensible to some.

Whatever the debate may be Indian professionals are too happy with the current scene in the UK. We suggest you fill up our free online assessment form or walk into any of our branches.

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