Kenney in Talks with Australia to Partner in Combating Human Smuggling!

Illegal immigration has been much talked about lately. With the recent Thai cargo ship carrying Tamils from Sri Lanka arriving at the Canadian shores, strong measures have to be taken. All the migrants who have arrived are seeking for asylum in the nation.

At the same time, most of them do not have any proof of identification which could provide evidence for who they claim themselves to be. With the threats of possible members of the Tamil Tigers being present on the ship, this has led to further investigations trying to find about the identity of the migrants.

The Tamil Tigers is an organization which is considered almost equivalent to that of a terrorist racket and is outlawed by the government of many nations. However, the immigration court has allowed for the release of four detainees which has been challenged by the federal government officials.

With the surge of the debate rising, the Immigration Minister for Canada, Jason Kenney is on a tour to Australia to discuss issues pertaining to human smuggling. As per Mr. Kenney, Canada seeks to work both at a domestic as well as at an international level to fight this crime and other fraudulent activities associated with it. This involves innocent migrants being drawn into crimes which they commit unknowingly and start on a path of a treacherous journey to another nation.

He also mentioned that it has to be ensured that those who need to be protected must have the necessary access. More so, Canada is looking forward to work with other partner nations such as Australia.

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