Quebec Website Links That Offer an Insight Into Quebec Economy and Job Market!

When the idea of living abroad pops up in mind, most people consider immigration as the best option! And when it comes to choosing the place to live in, most people put down their priorities to a few countries, viz., the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia. As many of these countries are ruling out tougher immigration rules and regulations, as well as their economies are hit by the recent global recession, Canada has become a hit among the global immigrants. While bigger economies like the UK and the US were being affected by the economic meltdown, spelling out intake of fewer world immigrants, Canada’s economy remained stable and so does its immigration program.

Quebec, being one of the significant Canadian provinces, attracts enormous immigrants every year. The province makes an ideal immigration destination for professionals, entrepreneurs and families alike, considering its quality of life, ever evolving economy and other amenities available. Below are a few useful links that lead prospective Quebec immigrants to some helpful information:

  • The information available here would help people research the Quebec labor market. People who are yet to make a career choice, those who are looking for a better job, before or after arrival in the province would feel fortunate to have this link on their list of useful Quebec website links.
  •–G4/: Information Technology professionals can take the reference of this link to collect information about the IT companies in the Canadian province.
  • Browse through the list of employers engaged in all industries and sectors in Quebec with the help of this link!
  • This link also provides you with the information of the Quebec employers in different industries and sectors!
  • Research about various aspects of Quebec on this link, from demography to living conditions; investment to job market; education to research & development; exports to industrial structure!
  • This link helps you in finding the occupations that are in demand in the province of Quebec.

Please follow of_Quebec to know about key economy sectors in Montreal and number of people in various industries such as Aerospace, Finance, Ground transportation, Other transportation, Information technology, Optics and photonics, Biotechnology, Health industry, Tourism industry, Hydroelectricity, Aluminum and magnesium, Agriculture and forestry, Mining, Exports.

If you are one of those looking to immigrate to the Canadian province of Quebec, along with browsing through the above links, it is advised that you seek the professional help from an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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