New Consul General Appointed by Canada!

Scot Slessor has been appointed as the new Consul General in Chandigarh by the Canadian government. He has replaced Helen Economo Amundsen as the latter managed to complete her tenure of three successful years.

Knowing the fact that Punjab has been one of the most prospective places when it comes to providing immigrants to Canada, the Chandigarh consulate general marked its existence in the year 2003. It was inaugurated by then Prime Minister Jean Chretien, when he marked his Indian visit. Also, the bulk of applications from New Delhi and all the regions from Punjab were making it the need to come out with another Consul General at that time.

Slessor is a degree holder in Asian Studies/Anthropology. He completed his studies from Saint Mary’s University and making his presence in the public service in the year 1986. he later went on to join private sector before moving again to the public service sector in the year 1993. During this phase, he worked for the Canadian International Development Agency in China. It was in the year 1996, when he switched to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and since that time, he has marked his services in various countries like Jordan and Brunei, to name a few.

He has the onus of creating the Youth International Internship Programme at the foreign affairs headquarters which are located in Ottawa. At present, he is associated with the Centre for Foreign Languages at the Canadian Foreign Service Institute.

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