Glimpse of Quebec Economy!

Quebec has shown a strong economic performance in the last few years. The term “vibrant” can be given to its economy, considering the kind of GDP and growth in service sector this province is decked with. In addition to that there is ample scope for further growth, knowing the kind of diversified economy it has.

As far as the statistics are taken, online sources show that the GDP is equal to $EUR190 billion. As far as the GDP per person is concerned, stats say that it surpasses various nations including Spain, Italy and Greece. The economy of Quebec is applauded amongst 50 most critical economies in the entire globe. Despite not being a country, the economy of the province has been compared with that of Portugal.

Quebec is geared with 17 administrative regions with each having their distinguished forces. There are various aspects which affect the economy of Quebec as a whole in a major way. These are science and technology, trade going on between different countries, travel and tourism, various modes of transportation and natural resources, to name a few.

For those intending to immigrate to Quebec, it is the only province in Canada which is flooded with predominantly French speaking crowd. Hence, having proficiency in the French language is one of the main criteria to qualify for Quebec immigration.

Some of the most productive sectors for Quebec economy are Aerospace, Finance, IT, Information technology, Optics and photonics, Health industry and Tourism. People linked with these sectors have excellent chances of making it big in the province. Consult an Immigration and Visa expert ( to know more.

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