Canada Intends to See the Manila Shooting Report!

Recently, during a shootout in Manila, three Canadian nationals died and one seriously injured. In lieu of further investigations, Canada wants to seek a copy of the report that has been brought out on the Filipino gunman.

The incident took place when a former police official held hostage of a tourist bus but later on fired openly. The deceased include Ken Leung with his daughters – Jessie and Doris. With them, there were five other passengers who died in the massacre. However, Jason Leung has succumbed to serious head injuries.

While interacting with the press in Philippines during his tour to Asia, Jason Kenney, the Canadian Immigration Minister said that he has brought out this matter with the officials in the government. He said that measures would be brought about which would see to it that such massacres do not happen in the future.

However, he also emphasized that the government of Philippines understands the dire consequences that have come about and that there has been a system breakdown. This needs to be corrected.

As of now, Jason Kenney is on a tour to Asia where in he visits China, India, Philippines as well as Australia. With illegal immigration on such a rise, Mr. Kenney seeks to partner nations to this fight to stop human smuggling.

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