Why Singapore is a HOT Immigration Destination?

Wonder why Singapore is World’s No. 1 Place to immigrate and stay? Know here:

  • Singapore… Ahh! Where to start from. There is plenty aaaaaaaand there is plenty!!!!! Singapore is perhaps one of the best food capitals in the entire globe. If you are a food maniac, then this is your place to be!!! The food culture of Singapore is such that it provides ample fodder for every taste bud… Not to mention the presentation which allows you to crave for more, even if you are full with the exotic flavors and the list is so wide, so wide and so wide that one is NEVER satiated!!! Wait a minute; did I mention the Singapore chili crab? No? How can I forget that? Visiting Singapore and not trying the same means that your visit has gone waste! A total waste! In dust bin!
  • If I have talked about food, Boozing surely can’t be left behind. Racing Simulator at Kazbar, VUtopia, Café del Mar and RedDot Brewhouse are my favorite bars and cafes in town. Explore your favorites amongst them! And of you have a new choice, do let me know! M waiting 😉
  • Health infrastructure is amazing!!! With dignified and world class health care facilities, the average life span of a person living here is amazingly healthier and happier!!! Besides, the brilliantly green environment decked with Botanical Gardens and stupendous Bukit Timah Nature Reserve ensures that citizens living here are surrounded with fresh air all around…
  • Immigrating to other countries, many people think the availability of water as one of their main concerns! But when you are in Singapore, don’t think much!!! The country has been applauded as the “global paragon of water conservation.” What else can be said in this respect when you have this definition in front of you?
  • Natural disaster free place – That’s Singapore! Knowing the kind of geographical location the place is situated it, it is saved from the natural disasters that nature has to offer at regular moments!
  • Ofcourse how can I forget the aspect of technology when talking about Singapore? The place supports island-wide 3.5G mobile, in addition to the wireless internet access! Great news for all the geeks out there… No wonder the mobiles are hot property here or we can say USP?
  • Far from poverty: The place is bedecked with some of the famous millionaires, acquiring a good percentage of the overall population. That does not mean the average class does not stand anywhere. They live a good lifestyle, satiated with everything around them.
  • Colonialism is greatly portrayed in the architecture of this place. Just book a good hotel, relish the tea served in English style and binge upon some of the best colonial foods of all time!
  • Amazing night and day life: Some places are famous for their day life while some for night, but Singapore is famous for BOTH! And if you want that ultimate adrenaline rush, then be here as soon as possible!
  • Education System: Ahh! What to say about this aspect? Beside one of the best education systems, the streaming programs, educational campaigns and extra curricular activities are an integral part of the system… all this gives ample exposure to the kids to choose their right path.
  • No Crime: whether you are roaming at 4 am or 4pm, you can ensure your and the safety of luggage anytime, any day! The crime rate is almost nil!
  • Shopping: This word would make the ladies go crazy… Orchard Road malls is the most demanded word on everyone’s lips when we talk about shopping. Wisma Atrium is another place to empty your pockets without regretting a bit, because everything is worth a purchase!
  • Money for honey: Just go shopping and know what all you can buy JUST FOR ONE DOLLAR!!!
  • Are you a book-o-holic? Singapore loves books and Singaporeans admire them! The scattered libraries all over the place give you ample reasons to spend some of the calming time with your best friends – BOOKS! Trust me, you would be left asking for more every single time and you will get that too!

There is plenty to this list… I am leaving them to explore it yourself!

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