Another Bogus Immigration Business Caught in Britain!

On charges of running an illegal immigration scam, three Indians (which also includes a woman) based in London have been arrested. They have been sentenced to imprisonment ranging from nine months to ten years.

The mastermind behind this racket has been known to be the 42 year old Kaseepathi Koka and has to now serve a term of 10 years in jail. This has come about after he has admitted to committing crimes of money laundering, fraudulent activities, conjuring to stop the course of justice, catering to immigration advice illegally. Also involved were his wife Ajitha (39 years) and the 32 year old Tirunagaraja Prasad Thalla. The latter two have been sentenced to 9 months of imprisonment. Post serving their jail terms, they would be deported back to India.

The above three were arrested after the UK Border Agency carried an investigation which was a part of the illegal migration crackdown. Earlier to this instance, there were three more Indian nationals who were caught on similar charges. Even they had to serve time in jail and were then deported.

According to a statement brought out by the Agency, many bogus companies were set up by the Kokas. Their main objective was to permit the migrants to extend their visas. These companies used to cater to the wage slips and then transfer funds in the form of temporary incomes to the bank accounts of the applicants. This was done to make it seem that these migrants were highly skilled and had jobs which were well-paying. This was done when the applicants applied for an extension on their visas. This money was later paid back via the bank accounts which Thalla took care of.

More so, the trio was also involved in issuing fake bank statements. They would then fill the immigration applications on behalf of their clients. This was being done despite not being registered consultants or even qualified in this regard. They seemed to have been earning about £250,000 annually from this bogus business.

With the above being caught, around hundred immigrants who were residing illegally in UK with their help would now be subject to deportation.

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